Cardboard Sculptor

A report made
for La Maison France 5
Galerie Origine
June - December
Concept Store Empreintes
September - December
Digital Fair
Maison et Objet
4th-18th September


Designer sculptures

A combination of sculpture, vase and jar, the designer sculptures are created to order. They are ideal to hold plants, or simply as a pleasurable, visual feature. 

Feminine-form sculptures

The sculptures are a sensual and dignified homage to eternal femininity. They express an attitude, a feeling, an emotion.

Their contours make an appeal to sensuality, they ask to be caressed and yet their gracefulness demands that they should only be observed.

Illuminated sculptures

The lamps are an allusion to magic by means of an interplay between light and shadow which compels us to take a fresh perspective. The combination of light with the lace-like cardboard creates a unique, harmonious sensation.

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