After growing up in Normandy, Marie-Anne Thieffry studied at ESAG-Penninghen and ENSAAMA-Olivier de Serres and graduated in Interior Architecture.

She first became aware of cardboard’s potential in 2003, through the work of architects Franck Gehry and Shigeru Ban, and went on to found her studio in 2005.

Her work is based around several artistic disciplines, as well as design & sculpture, and, as a whole, revolves around using cardboard. She is self-taught and constantly seeks to improve her technique in order to ensure the irreproachable quality of her designs.


Light and the feminine are her great inspirations and her background as an interior designer informs her approach to light while at the same time her artistic studies guide the sculpture work.

By using the medium of cardboard, Marie-Anne Thieffry allows this consummate consumer packaging to become the central element of light, poetic and luminous work.

By re-interpreting the raw material, she makes it evolve: it is no longer a simple container, it becomes the piece’s main component, it’s no longer an everyday material but the substrate of new forms and emotions.

This artist inverses the normal feeling of indifference towards cardboard and presents it as a material ‘synonymous with freedom’, pliable and of a great duality. The soft elegance of the contours contradicts the rigidity of the material, thus creating a paradox.


By associating light and transparency with this crude, often ignored medium, Marie-Anne Thieffry creates a plastic and sensitive form of expression that interplays the envelopment of forms and that which is hidden within, whilst alternating between lightness, poetry and sensuality...


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